Sanitation and Safety


Hygiene is a priority for the good maintenance of the equipment. Thus each driver and operator is sensitized in permanence to wash meticulously his vehicles.

The operators and drivers are regularly trained to good practice in hygiene to guarantee the alimentary safety of products confided to us.


The group Delisle decided to regularly renew their equipment to respect scalable norms in safety, those, the choice of the equipment is realize on specific requirements corresponding to customer demand.

  • All the equipment is under contract of maintenance with builders, enabling a best following and a best guarantee of the maintenance.
  • Drivers are regularly sensitized and trained to adopt a smooth and anticipate driving to guarantee their safety and also this of products confided to them.
  • Drivers and operators are also systematically trained for a good use of their equipment and usually sensitized to the respect of the safety rules. Our team of trainers regularly controls the good application of those rules.