By signing the charter CO2 with l’ADEME in 2011,
the group Delisle officially became involved to limit C02 emission and in 2017 received the Label c02.

Our vehicles are curbed to 85 km/h. Our driver have a regular training for the rational and economic driving to reduce their consumption. Each vehicle is equipped with an embedded computing analyzing the conducting point by point to further improve rational driving.

Trucks are purchased with the environment in mind. The Group Delisle has endow from 2012, of euro 6 standards tractors, further more respectful of environmental norms, because they are equipped of motors more economically gasoil and emit less polluting particles.

Each tank of semi-trailers, tipper or tautliner use to certify for transport at 44t that is able to reduce the part of co2 emissions by tones convey.

The group Delisle realize their carbon result in 2011, that it enable him to figure out other areas where he can improve in the reduction of emissions pollutants. The will to go further pushed us to obtain the CO2 label in 2017. Mindful of the preservation of the environment, we are also involved in the implementation of the certification ISO 14001.