« Conscientiousness »

Our customers are satisfied because of our quality : It is around this axis that the group Delisle has always built and developed, earning her today the acknowledgement and the loyalty of it customers. The group Delisle endeavors each day to improve service quality. Each firm and each activity of the group are certified ISO 9001 and reviewed SQAS. Transports activities and washing stations are also certified ISO 22 000 and QUALIMAT.

The quality is because of the good training of our staff

During their recruitment, our drivers receive training from a titular driver, then by our trainer to really understand all the specificity of our activity. We guarantee a high-quality performance and safety. Our team of trainers use regular controls to ensure the good application of the rules and if it necessary, retrain again for a perfect assimilation.

The quality, is a good gestion and a good organization

Each operation is subject to a procedure applied by an operator. Thanks to the expertise and the experience of our employee that we arrive to realized the best work in good conditions. All of our teams have recent equipment and informatics. We have embedded computing in our trailer, ensure a best following for the client, and a best transmission of the information.

The quality is the respect of the goods that we are legislated

Each employee’s mission is to take care and to preserve the products that they transport or that they store. They are conscious of the importance of the alimentary safety and of the alimentary tank transport ( Study HACCP on each activity). Operators and drivers are trained and aware for the respect of hygienic measures and the alimentary safety.